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Casey Osburn

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I've had the radio bug since I was a little boy in Newton, KS. I would spend hours in my room spinning records (vinyl, oval-shaped objects that contained tiny bumps that produced music for those young'ns out there) and pretending I was on the air. Aside from making my parents seriously consider psychological help for me, it paved the way for a career I love with Eagle Radio and My 93-1 the past 18 years. (holy cow...has it been that long???)

I've been lucky to have had some very smart radio people to learn from since I began. Jason Younger, Terry Drouhard, Greg Williams, JJ Morgan and Jack Oliver all have had huge impacts on me professionally. I've learned how to do things 'the right way' and I've been flat out lucky in that regard!

I attended KU in the 1990s to become a meteorologist (another passion of mine) but ultimately decided radio was more fun! Don't think I'm not jumping in my car and chasing tornadoes every time we have severe weather! I'm a huge Jayhawk fan (in fact I cut myself a few years ago and actually bled crimson and blue!) and you'll find me yelling and screaming at Allen Field House at least once or twice a year (and in front of my TV for the rest of the games).

I'd love to hear from you weekday afternoons from 2-7! Call me at 662-9931 or email me right here!





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